Nyota, is an 18-year-old rapper, vocalist, songwriter and composer who was born and partly raised in Ireland and Cape Town.  Her beat is trap, boombap and jazz and she is the creator of her own genre, TRAZZ© (Trap + Jazz).

Nyota means “star” in Swahili.  She is fulfilling her destiny by letting her individuality flow through her music and by encouraging people to set their own trends.  She is here to change the rules.  Nyota refuses to conform to society and music industry standards and this message is central in her music.

And the right kind of people are taking notice of this supernova in the making.

Nyota recently teamed up with American producer, rapper, singer and songwriter, PRODA.  He is part of the Spazz Out Boyzz and produced and collaborated with one of Nyota’s favourite musical duos, Oshun. on Soundcloud.

“I really vibed with the beats he sent me, but I really connected with this one in particular. I rap and sing about how Hip-hop is contaminated and how people shouldn’t try box me (or anyone) into anything. I’m not new school, I’m not old school; I know I’m a millennial because I was born in 2000 but I don’t conform to this society’s norm,” says Nyota.


In Oh My Nyota fearlessly takes on rap industry people who she feels are bothered by the new kids “taking their spots”.

“I know I’m a millennial, I know you hope I fall,

And Stogie T is saying that he’s better than us all.

Though I don’t categorize myself with all them other guys,

How can you be owning thrones that you can’t even find? Oh my”.


Listen to Oh My here: https://soundcloud.com/nyotaofficially/oh-my-by-nyota-prod-proda-mixmaster-jay-loopz

Nyota’s previous releases include the Purification EP and Age of Enlightenment Mixtape.



SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nyotaofficially

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NyotaOfficially/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nyotaparker/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5xLxb3mdPg

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