New Video: Rus Nerwich “The Whisperer”

Filmed while on tour in Canada, the first music video off his forthcoming and ninth solo album, The Whisperer, has gone live. This conceptual work explores the misrepresentation of truth and its blind acceptance, the consequences of which result in discrimination, hate and ultimately war – fertile ground for further exploitation. Never has this subject been more pertinent. Like the street art which forms the video’s visual base, the whispered monologue and sonic template invites listeners to engage and choose their own position. The video explores the nature of the “truths” we tell ourselves and the way in which we steer our behaviour based on biased perspectives. Discovering the vast amount of graffiti and street art in the back alleys of downtown Toronto, Nerwich encountered walls that whispered their own truths, resulting in this explorative sonic stream of consciousness.

“People should be more discerning about the source of the information they consume. Consider how damaging it is to unconsciously disseminate a skewed ideology of biased opinions.” says Nerwich.

For someone discovering Nerwich’s musical works for the first time or those rooted deeply in the jazz and underground music scene, to whom his eclectic interpretations and productions are familiar, The Whisperer’s euphonious blend of hip-hop, jazz and neo-soul will make inquisitive listeners sit back and listen attentively. The album was masterfully woven together with the contributions of fellow collaborators Kanyi Mavi, Sol Pros, Erik Rico and Pete Philly among others.

The 10 track album is available for pre-order on iTunes as well as on vinyl here.








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