New Single: WONDERboom ‘Ooh La La’

WONDERboom’s latest single is a cheeky rocker called ‘Ooh La La’ that, along with its music video, shows a band that still knows how to write a solid radio-friendly rock tune. In the case of the video they also prove that after over two decades in the industry they know how to enjoy themselves doing it.

The entire video has an offbeat character to it courtesy of director Roger Adrian Williams. It’s all done courtesy of green screen and a vivid imagination. At the start the band is introduced as an assortment of imagery and retro graffiti flies past behind them. Only the sharpness of their suits belies any form of seriousness. They play like professionals but the overall tone is playful to the point of childishness.

After a few suitably catchy choruses vocalist Martin “Cito” Otto lets rip an extensive high note for the bridge as a guitar solo kicks in. It’s not a four-bar indie band special but an actual guitar solo, indication of their desire to stay in the territory they know best. A few raucus runs later guitarist Martin Rocka floats by upside down, licking his guitar as the bodies of the other members jumble together in a chaotic mass behind him. It’s vivid imagery to say the least.

Post solo the video throws one hell of a twist. The band’s instruments float skyward and morph into a blonde tattooed woman in a skirt, no doubt the protagonist of the song. She almost immediately transforms again into a more evil apparition, grabbing at the fleeing band members with her gigantic hands. The end plays out with her using the band members themselves as guitars and drum sticks.

WONDERboom is sticking to what they know best, and it’s fantastic to see that such an established band could weather the local music industry and still find a way to enjoy it.

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