New Single: Grassy Spark “Love To Share”

Grassy Spark release their brand new single ‘Love To Share’ featuring Bonj Mpanza today. The single is the 5th taken from Grassy Spark’s debut album ‘Portal’ released exactly a year ago.

Listen to ‘Grassy Spark – Love To Share (feat Bonj Mpanza)’ here –

‘Love To Share’ was launched across six of the top campus radio stations on Tuesday 22 August at 6pm, receiving play on UCT Radio in Cape Town, MFM in Stellenbosch, Kovsie Fm in Bloemfontein, PUK FM in Potchefstroom, TUKS FM in Pretoria and Radio DUT in Durban. The first collective launch of its kind across SA Campus Radio.

What is ‘Love To Share’ about? “‘Love To Share’ is a story about 2 people, a guy and a girl. They’re both nervous to see each other and the song captures those final fears before they come together. With ‘Love To Share’ we hope to inspire those who don’t have the confidence to follow through!” explains Grassy Spark front man Yanick Bathfield.

Grassy Spark joined forces with Bonj Mpanza, the exceptionally talented front woman for local band TheCITY, creating a single which is one of the best releases from their debut album ‘Portal’. Yanick continues saying: “Working with Bonj Mpanza was an unforgettable experience! She had Josh and I dropping our jaws in studio. Amazing person and wow, what a singer. She really just had to take the female role!”

In support of the single launch, Grassy Spark have initiated a great competition for fans to enter. The band are currently running it on their social media and competition info is as follows:

It takes 2 to Tango & we wanna Tango with you! Grassy Spark will write music to your lyrics + you win a CASE of Jagermeister, Portal Album and Grassy Spark T-shirt.


1. Write lyrics to a loved one inspired by “Love to Share” in the comments
2. Tag your lovers in the comments below.
3. Share this post and #Love2Share

There will be one winner!

 Fans can enter the competition on Facebook at or Instagram on  

 Grassy Spark’s debut album ‘Portal’ is available now in Music Stores Nationwide and across all major digital platforms here:  


Grassy Spark are made up of Josh Riley and Yanick Bathfield sharing lead vocals and guitar, Simon Ackermann on Keys and Sax, Chad Hendricks on Trumpet, Murray Buitendag on Trombone, Kevin Kok on Bass, and Lawrence Jaeger on Drums, and have become the new kings of the live scene, so making sure their album mirrors their incredible live show was a big task.

Josh Riley and his six fellow band members felt the pressure to create a strong debut album. “Our Debut album ‘Portal’ was recorded in a room no bigger than a small storeroom with no windows and a broken door, in a dilapidated building in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. After tracking the drums with Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios, we decided it was time to put our heads down, go into that room as early as we could, and come out of it as late as we could – with some days not even leaving the room at all.”

Bathfield and Riley are the key songwriters behind the catchy 11-track debut album and the song writing process alone took 7 months before the rest of the band could join in to add their vital parts. Bathfield took the reigns as the tracking engineer as well as head producer, with Riley assisting where he could as co-producer. The album was mixed by Vicente Espi at Songololo Studios and mastered by Pablo San Martin at Esoteric Sound Studio, both of whom graduated from Berklee College of Music in their respective fields – they took the variety and diversity of sound and added the cherry on top with flawless consistency!

The album also features a nice selection of local artists with Jeremy Loops, Khaos Cotterell, Bonj Mpanza, and Rudeboboboss each featuring on a song.

“It was an epic experience to work with such a diverse range of artists on the album. Our relationship with Jeremy Loops started in Zambia at Greenpop’s festival of action in 2014, he took a keen interest in us as we bonded over a 2-week period, featured in each others sets at Earthfest and he has been an incredible mentor and friend to this day,” explains Riley. “Working with Khaos & Rudeboboboss has always been a dream, as we have always looked up to The Rudimentals as Ska/Reggae/Dance-hall icons and still do. The tracks we featured them on became more than what we imagined them to become once we had recorded them and they naturally blew us away in the process! We had to give a feminine touch to the album and only had one person in mind who could bring the fire the way we imagined and that was Bonj Mpanza. Her vocal range, power and diversity gave us the shivers while we were tracking her, so much that after every take either Yanick or I let out a little scream. There is no Diva attitude with this beautiful woman, only pure talent and a voice that can move mountains! Our reason for featuring these artists was because we wanted to make the making of ‘Portal’ a collaborative process and look forward to doing this more in the future with different, culturally diverse artists.’

A diverse album it is. Kicking off with the new single ‘Here I Am’, followed by ‘Living In a Paradise’ featuring Jeremy Loops, and then ‘Feel it’ with Khaos Cotterell, each song holds its own and has this 11-track album open up a portal to a care-free happy place where Grassy Spark found the magic sound for their album.

‘Portal’ Album Track Listing

  1. Here I Am
  2. Living In a Paradise (Feat. Jeremy Loops)
  3. Feel It (Feat. Khaos Cotterell)
  4. If I Could I Would
  5. Love To Share (Feat. Bonj Mpanza)
  6. In Disguise
  7. Sonic Boy
  8. Dancing In The Dark
  9. Pyromaniac
  10. Honey
  11. Mona Lisa (Feat. Rudeboboboss)

Watch the Music Video for ‘Here I Am’ –

Watch the live performance video for ‘Grassy Spark – Mona Lisa’ here:

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Instagram – @grassyspark

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