Lakota Silva drops the brand new music video for her single Good Good feat Howard Edward! Watch the video here. 

‘Good Good’ is also available to download and stream from

Lakota comments on the video, saying “I wanted to create a video that was real. A video true to my authentic, real life. The people in it, the real-life moments, my real-life home city and just a little bit of the bigness that shows my love.”

The music video was conceptualized and created by Luke Veysie and Lakota Silva. Veysie also did all the directing, cinematography and editing, with Lakota styling the video.

The ‘Good Good’ music video was shot all around Cape Town with the team receiving the most incredible support from every venue. “They were so happy to be part of showcasing snippets of our beautiful Cape Town! We shot at the likes of local vinyl stores, dance studios, quirky restaurants, and outdoor areas Luke and I wanted to show. We were at local water parks, beaches, promenades, underground tunnels and stations! It was important to show and shoot at places that are part of my real life. I wanted everything to be real,” explains Lakota.

Lakota had her talented group of dancers join in on the video and looks back at prepping for the scenes and rehearsing: “Rehearsals were easy and fun! The dancers in this video are dancers who have been dancing with me since ‘Do Re Mi’ days! I choreographed something quickly to focus more on everyone enjoying the energy of the music and each other. The video had to all be real life! My vision was for every scene to be authentic to the moment, and Luke captured it beautifully.”

Cape Town-based producer and artist Howard Edward added his smooth lyrical rap to the single and joined in for the video shoot.

Good Good celebrates a very slick and cool side to Lakota, one that embraces her vocal talent and great songwriting skills. The repeat button will be in play for this hit and the Good Good feels will remain long after the track stops playing.

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