KZK101 Tutoring – individual attention for the beginner and intermediate musician. We’ve sourced the best in their fields to teach you the tools to play an instrument. If you’d like to play guitar, bass guitar, piano or a brass instrument, we have tutors available. We assist in scheduling hour-long lessons with knowledgeable masters of the musical craft.

Lessons are tailored based on your skill (or lack thereof) and are charged at a hourly rate.

The lessons include:
The basic language of music
pitch notation
rhythm notation

Drawing skills
other written music skills

Note names
name all notes on the treble clef staff
name all notes on the bass clef staff

sharp, flat, and natural signs
chromatic scales

Melodic beginnings
major scale tetrachords
solfeggio introduction

Elementary rhythms
rhythmic names of notes
performance of elementary rhythms
elementary rhythmic dictation

Major scales
building scales with whole and half steps
introduction to key signature

(*The above are merely a guide to content for beginners and intermediate, your tutor will assess your skill level and lessons will be adjusted accordingly)

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Should you prefer a short course, see the following: MUSIC ESSENTIALS COURSE