The arrival of Grant-Pierre van Wyk’s debut album carries with it the untold stories of this aspiring young musician and songwriter from Cape Town. A preview of what’s to come with the album, is proudly being introduced with a music video for Grant-Pierre’s latest single,  “Eindbestemming”(Final Destination). Ironically, this track is merely the start of the journey that is unfolding in Grant-Pierre’s music career.

Grant-Pierre tells, “The reason why I called my album 0-20(“zero to twenty”), is because my entire life up until now has influenced the songs I wrote on the album. I am 20 years old now.”

He also explains what inspired him to write “Eindbestemming”, “ It is about a girl I met and who I became friends with. I was hoping that we could be more than friends and before I told her how I really felt, I wrote her this song. I really hoped that we would end up together but sadly, that was not the outcome.”

Watch the music video for “Eindbestemming”:

There could not have been a better way to announce Grant-Pierre’s arrival in the music scene than with the release of his video for “Eindbestemming”. The production on the track and music video almost automatically places him in the category of “international artists who are really very famous,” as Grant-Pierre puts it.

Even though he might not be quite on that level of fame, yet, Grant-Pierre believes that the standard and high quality of this production can only help to propel him to new heights in his career. He is a very down-to-earth person who promises to deliver even more amazing music for his fans in future. It is clear from the get go that he values creating music of a high standard that will ensure his success in the South African music industry. The video production was professionally executed by Alasdair McCulloh and Jason Aldridge.

“My favourite track on the album is definitely “Daddy’s Words”. I wrote it for my dad, Pieter to honour him and thank him for his wonderful guidance in my life. He is an exceptional person. A true force to be reckoned with,” Grant-Pierre explains and this further substantiates that all the songs on his album reflect the various aspects of his life. Something that makes his music so much more relatable to his audience.

Keep an eye out for Grant-Pierre’s music on radio charts, television screens and local event diaries for a chance to catch him live in action on a stage near you. Prepare to witness Grant-Pierre’s rise to stardom as he makes his way into the hearts and homes of South African music lovers.