Multi-instrumental Blue-Billy-Folk-Pop band, Georgetown, have released their debut album ‘The Dog Show’ digitally. The Pretoria band also release the album title single ‘The Dog Show’ to radio and the full album can be streamed and downloaded here –

Watch the ‘The Dog Show’ EPK and find out what it took to make the album:

“We’ve poured a lot of energy, heart and soul into this album, it’s our first baby and we hope that Radio stations would give it a hearty go. Also, we’re working on song called Radio killed the Video star,” comically comments Georgetown member, Michael de Villiers.

‘The Dog Show’ is the debut full length release from Georgetown and is a welcoming gift following 2016’s six track EP ‘Banana Jack’. ‘The Dog Show’ is a rollercoaster ride from opener ‘Shake Rattle’ right through to closer ‘The One’. Upbeat tracks such as ‘You Never Know’, ‘Slow Down Boy’ and ‘Downtown’ are accompanied by ballads such as ‘The Captain’, ‘Hey Man’ and ‘The One’ – together all 10 tracks celebrate an incredible debut from Georgetown.

Formed in 2014, Georgetown have garnered a stellar live performance reputation and are the band to see at any show. Like no other act in SA, they use a variety of musical instruments during their performance including acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, upright bass, mandolin, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, a washboard and a 1935 suitcase, promising a unique and creative sound to contemporary and original southern style music.

‘Georgetown – The Dog Show’ is out now across all digital platforms:


‘The Dog Show’ Album Tracklisting:

  1. Shake Rattle
  2. You Never Know
  3. Moon Baby
  4. Slow Down Boy
  5. The Captain
  6. Suzy
  7. Downtown
  8. Hey Man
  9. The Dog Show
  10. The One 

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