The South African Space-Rock / Dream-Pop band release their highly acclaimed ‘unconventional, ethereal alt-pop debut soaked in reverb’.


[uh-pas-truh n, -tron]

noun, plural apastra [uh-pas-truh]. Astronomy

  1. The point in the path of a celestial object orbiting a star at which it is farthest from the star.

The Album:

Over the past two years, Diamond Thug have seen continued and growing success with over 300k global monthly online listeners, a multi-platinum collaboration with Goldfish,

tours to Europe and America and features on prominent global publications. This all for a band who, until Friday 6 April, had never released an album.

Now Diamond Thug release their debut album: ‘Apastron’ through their own, new record label, Kudukudu.

As a body of work, ‘Apastron’ represents a sonic coming of age for the band. With slow swelling synthesizers, psychedelic break downs and honeycomb vocals, the band

pull you into their world and allow you to lose yourself in a 44 minute emotional adventure through the depths of the band’s understanding of the universe.

‘Apastron’ tells a story of celestial beings dancing amidst the stars, pulled together and pushed apart by forces beyond their control.

The 12 track album has been featured as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight, an accolade much revered in the South African music industry that has previously featured artists such as:

Shekhinah, Josh Kempen and Moonga K. The band have also received significant playlisting on Spotify (US, UK & AUS), gathering over 250k streams on the album already.

A professional product with immaculate attention to detail, ‘Apastron’ is an exceptionally well put together album that sets a new standard for South African independent music.

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‘Apastron’ is both a bonus track and the title track of the album. It speaks of being at a point where one feels farthest from a loved one, at the apastron of one’s orbit.

Played with kalimba and synthesizer, ‘Apastron’ gives one the sense of not wanting to say goodbye and wishing to come back together.

More Details:

Album Credits:

Composed by: Diamond Thug

Adrian Culhane, Chantel Van T, Danilo Queriros and Ted Buxton

Lyrics: Chantel Van T, Danilo Queiros and Adrin Culhane

Produced by: Adrian Culhane, Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen and Danilo Queiros

Sound Engineer: Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen ( Digital Forest Studios)

Mix Engineer: Vincente Espi ( Songololo Music)

Master Engineer: Pablo San Martin ( Estoeric Sound Studios )

Artwork: Hannah Shone

Special Thanks:

Tourmaline Berg, Neil Crowder, Greg Vegas, Dan Garber, Trond Tornes Caitlin Weare, DirkVan Niekerk, Michelle Nel, Chelsea Pickeringm Kaylin Pond, David Viljoen, Jeremy Rawbone-Viljoen,Alize Espi, Michael Berg and of course, to all of our families and friends for supporting us on this journey.

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