DECEMBER STREETS Release Their PART 2 Music Video For STAY BY ME

Today sees the official release of Part 2 of the music video for DECEMBER STREETS’ latest single, STAY BE ME. The band released the first music video / Part 1 for the single in September 2014.

A new direction in sound for the band is evident from the single, STAY BY ME. The band describes the song as an explosion of their continual exploration of music to create a sound that captures the high energy, fun, soul and the new added layer of depth to the music they love to create. It amplifies their new massive yet refined sound, with the rebound catchy DECEMBER STREETS melodies always present.

“Stay By Me is a song that tackles the story of a break up through the journey of being alone/lonely, finding comfort in various aspects of life that aren’t always the best roads to be wondering down, but which can also be fun.”

For Part 1 of the music video, the band asked Run Jump Fly Creations to come up with a concept for the video. The band then created an open music video shoot, where under the supervision and direction of Run Jump Fly, they opened the creative process to the public to get involved in shaping the direction of the music video. The only boundary was that it had to be shot on two escalators. The original concept evolved in this way, where so many people arrived on the evening of the shoot, dressed up in outfits and ready to show off their ideas and dance moves.

On the same evening of the shoot, two brilliant dancers from Kryptonite Dance Studio arrived with a dance routine on the escalators that made the band’s jaw hit the floor. It was so powerful that the band decided it needed a video of its own, which is how STAY BY ME PART 2 came to life.

Although vastly different, the concepts for both videos in fact follow a similar narrative. In both videos Run Jump Fly Creations created a video for the band that would capture the high energy and fun vibe of the song, whilst containing a deeper, darker side to it.


The first video starts with the darker side where Tristan aimlessly wanders down the escalators, lost and lifeless, running into various obstacles along the way but not initially partaking in it. This relates to the lonely feeling after a break-up. Towards the end he starts to get involved and partake in the scenes, ending on a happy high note.

The second video starts off the other way around, playing on the typical love at first sight scenario. The two dancers spot each other on the escalators, then continually dance towards each other to stay close to each other, mesmerised by each other. This captures the high energy felt in the beginning of a love story. As the video progresses, they get tired and realise they can not stay together, as hard as they try because the escalators are continually pulling them apart.

“As hard as we try to stay together, life can keep pulling us apart if we let it. Run Jump Fly perfectly captured the meaning of the song in both videos.”

Watch the video for STAY BY ME PART 2 here!

Watch the video for STAY BY ME PART 1 here!

Buy STAY BY ME on iTunes here!





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